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Why M & M Professionals?

There are thousands of promotional product companies out there, offering very similar products and services. It can be tiring to decide which one you'd go with. Sometimes being a local supplier and offering the cheapest prices are not the answer. When it comes to branding and marketing your products and services, one will soon realize that the promotional product companies with the cheapest prices could be the most unreliable in the end; or they are not worth it to deal with somewhere along the line. 

Here at M & M Professionals, we focus on 3 important Customer Benefits in 1 go, saving you time and money. So, why choose M & M Professionals?

  1. Personalised Customer Service. We understand that we are dealing with busy customers, or vision impaired or hearing impaired customers, or lack of knowledge in general which promotional products are the best for which purposes. We guide you through the whole process, and we navigate you around our website to help your shopping experience smoother. It is a bit like FREE tour guide services.
  2. ProDezign™ is our product design services, which is important for those who need specific custom build promotional product for new product / service launch marketing campaign. Click here to see a typical process of Product Design and Production Journey. We can also estimate cost savings for you by doing one stop shop with us. Every client is different and every job is different, but the cost savings will always be huge, as clients access our wholesale distribution capacity.
  3. Earn Christmas Credits. All purchases of promotional products and design services through M & M Professionals earn you real dollar credits. You can use this credit toward Christmas Gifts purchases between 1st and 30th of November.

   Discover what ProDezign can do for you

Our Purpose

M & M Professionals is here to guide anyone who are interested to promote their products or services by way of using promotional products as customers incentives. Many online shopping platforms and promotional product companies don't offer personalised customer service to warn / guide you before purchasing. We aim to:

  • save you time
  • save you money
  • offer you custom design products to make your message stands out
  • direct you to invest in good quality products to avoid disappointment.
    For example, some hoodies materials peel faster than other brands. Some reusable coffee cups are so cheap that they actually feel hot when hot coffee is poured into it, burning the holder's finger tips. Certain T Shirts brands have sizes that are too small for use in Australia and New Zealand, as they come from different countries with different measurement systems.
  • educate you which products are made of renewable materials for the purpose of living more Eco Sustainable lifestyle.

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