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Most Popular Real Estate Branded Merchandise & Gift

Marketing Merchandise for Real Estate & Property: Auction, Banners, Custom Signage, Door Signs, Fence Signs, Magnets, Open Home, Personalised Rental Signs, Stickers. FREE DELIVERY anywhere in Australia for your first order. From RFID Scam Protection-Business Cards, Custom Flags, Custom Table Covers, Tear Drop Flags, Wing Banners to Custom Folders for Presentation & Sales, call M & M Professionals at 1300-665-256. Subscribe to receive email offers for FREE custom branded notebooks and pens, fridge magnets, custom printed cookies or M & M sweets or jelly beans or mints, custom printed labels, custom branded key rings.

Below products are specially selected for Builder, Conveyor, Insurance / Mortgage Broker. Property Developer, Property Maintenance, Real Estate & Rental Agent 

Most Popular Real Estate Products

Multi Function Pens

Personalised T-Shirts

We print GILDAN T-Shirts in Auckland,Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, and the final prices are still cheaper than most online orders, including fast delivery

Cheese Boards and Server Sets

Stainless Steel Drink Bottles

Home Office Products

Business Cards Custom Printed for Realestate
Business Cards Custom Printed for Realestate
Custom Folders for Marketing Presentation with Spine reals
Custom Folders for Marketing Presentation with Spine reals
Twin Pockets Presentation Folders A4 reals
Twin Pockets Presentation Folders A4 reals
Tear Drop and Wing Banners Shapes / Sizes
Tear Drop and Wing Banners Shapes / Sizes

Most Commonly Used Terms When Selling a Home

As in any industry, there are terms and buzzwords that are unique to residential real estate. When you put your home on the market, you should know what those terms mean. Here are definitions for the most common ones:

Fair market value: This is an estimate of how much a specific home will sell for in today’s market, taking into account what similar properties in the area have sold for recently.

Seller’s Agent: That would be me, the real estate professional who is helping you sell your property. I would also assist you in finding and buying your next home.

Buyer’s Agent: This is the real estate professional who is representing the buyer of the property you want to sell.

Pre-approved Mortgage: This is a statement (often in the form of a certificate) from your bank or other lender that states that you qualify for a mortgage for a particular amount of money. A pre-approved mortgage adds credibility to any offer you make on a new home.

Staging: This is a strategy where a home is purposely prepared so that it appeals to potential buyers. Staging may involve cleaning, de-cluttering, rearranging furniture, redecorating, and more.

Survey: This is a document that defines the boundaries and measurements of your property and any structures on it.

Offer: This is an offer of purchase, in writing, for a particular property.

Conditional Offer: This is an offer to purchase, but with conditions – such as “conditional on a satisfactory home inspection” or “conditional on arranging suitable financing”.