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Why Your Business Needs Reusable, Eco Friendly Bags?

Safe Our Planet from Pollution of Plastic Bags - Use Reusable Eco-Friendly Bags at Affordable Prices

Few State Governments have joined the movement Australia wide to ban single-use light weight high-density polyethylene plastic bags, which affects customers in general shopping at supermarket and shopping centers.

The messages to "Reduce - Reuse - Recycle" plus the messages from Clean Up Australia plus the messages from Global Earth Day are starting to make an impact on the public audience.

So, which type of bags should you use to take your groceries or shopping items home or to do business with, if your are trying to help the environment? Everyone preference is different.

One of the choices are PET Enviro Range as they are good for the environment, and even better for business; by using PET Enviro Range products, which fabric is made from recycled bottles, you could have kept approximately 3 x 330ml plastic bottles out of landfill and reduced the consumption of natural resources along the way. Plastic beverage bottles are made with top quality PET (polyethylene terephthalate) resins resulting in the recycled products being superior to lower grades of polyester fibre used in normal construction of bags. PET bottles are sorted, grounded into fine chips, and then cleaned. These chips are then melted and extruded into fibre and woven to create the fabric used in manufacturing of the bags.

Enviro Bags for Expo,
Trade Show,
Exhibition, Sponsorship,
Bulk Food Retail Shops

Stylish Jute Bags for Cafe,
International Coffee Expo 
Hospitality Industry,
Gourmet Food Eateries.

Green Draw String Bags for Grocery,
Fresh Produce, Butcher /
Meat Shop, Organic Shop,
Health Food Wholesale, Deli

The other choices are paper bags, Jute Bags, and Cotton Tote Bag.

Perhaps, overall, reusable, eco-friendly bags need to be used at least 50 times or 100 times, for their environmental benefits to be realized.
Cotton Tote Carry Bags, tough and resilient, because of the material, you can rely on them to carry heavy groceries / goods from supermarkets, to car, the the garage, to the basement. From this point of few, cotton carry bags prove more reliable than paper bags, which tend to rupture if coming into contact with moisture.

Cotton Tote Bags can come in several rich, bright colors to natural colors. You can also buy via indent order, Designer Cotton Tote Bags with your own brand signatures and / or custom designed Cotton Tote Bags with your company messages. Reusable Cotton Tote Bags also provide a stylish statement about green living. Designer Cotton Tote Bags are also often associated with upmarket-classic brand names such as Hermes, Chanel or Louis Vuitton.

Some Cotton Tote Bags are reusable and bio-degradable within a short period of time after being discarded and so do not harm the environment. 

Why Cotton Tote & Jute Bags Instead of Plastic Bags?

Out of an estimated production of around 600 billion plastic bags that are one-time used by people and then carelessly thrown away as trash, only 3% are recycled. This leaves a whooping 582 billion plastic bags that are either turned into landfills where these keep on releasing toxic chemicals into the atmosphere for number of years or find their way into rivers, polluting the oceans in the process. No wonder that we come across hundreds of sea turtles that are found dead after consuming the deadly diet compromising plastic bags. Even whales are not spared in such ruthless plastic related massacres. In March 2013, a 10 meter long dead sperm whale that washed up on Spain's South Coast reportedly consumed 59 different plastic objects consisting mostly of plastic bags. Necropsy on the dead whale revealed that the plastic substances had blocked the whale's digestive system, resulting in its eventual death. These calamities could have been avoided had people used Cotton Tote Bags and / or Jute Bags instead of plastic bags everyday.

Businesses have now realized that Promotional Cotton Tote Bags can help increase overall investment on brand marketing. M & M Professionals offers to print company logo and / or messages on Cotton Tote Bags of your choiceCustomers memory and your company’s messages are being retained longer as Cotton Tote Bags feature a special charm as well as offer tremendous utility value. Cal 1300-665-256 to find out how.


A trendy Cotton Carry Bag is a far more effective proposition. Not only it can be used repeatedly, it also can be machine washed and stored away when not in use. Promotional Cotton Tote Bags feature yet another advantage for you as they have large printing space enough for your company slogan and large logo. A Cotton Carry Bag offers both sides for printing messages in bold typeface for easy reading by elderly people too.


Get a media to write about your company’s effort to “Reduce ● Reuse ● Recycle” and your company’s indirect contribution to be more eco-friendly, especially biodegradable, by using Cotton Tote Bags, environment friendly products, with lots of usefulness, trendiness and cost effectiveness. This serves as positive complimentary publicity for your company’s products and / or services.