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What you need to know about Power Banks | M & M Professionals

There is a growing demand for Promotional Power Banks every day and we want to explain the differences in the many types out there. Power Banks differ on the quality of battery. Quality relates to the type of Lithium Battery, cell grade, true capacity, regulated output voltage/current and protection circuitry. In fact 70% of the price can be devoted to the battery quality. Capacity The capacity of the power bank gives an indication how much you can charge. A capacity of 2600 mAh allows an iPhone 5 (battery approx. 1570mAh) to be fully charged, yet a Samsung Galaxy S5 (battery approx. 3000 mAh) cannot be fully charged. A power bank at 2200 mAh will not fully charge an iPhone 5S partly due to voltage equation output. For information regarding typical power bank storage capacities and related information, please contact M & M Professionals. NOTE: Small capacity Power Banks can still charge Tablets, but you need to understand that they will only top them up and will generally do this slower than the charger the tablet came with (refer to Charging Rates Below.) It’s all about input and output This part controls the flow of capacity into the device to be charged. You can have a very high capacity 5200 mAh yet it takes forever to charge. Think of a bucket filled with water, the smaller the hole in this bucket (output) the longer it takes for the water to run out. The output of the power banks enables charging of only smart phones or tablets. In general smart phones need an output between 0.5A and 1A, while tablets need at least 1A to 2A.  The higher the ampage the faster your devices charges. Dual Output Power Banks These Power Banks allow user to charge up to Two Devices at the same time. However the output of each port can vary from Power Bank to Power Bank. Type 1 (Split Output):

  • Total Output of 2.1A
  • But can only deliver 1 A to either port.
Type 2 (Shared Output):
  • Total Output of 2.1A
  • But can deliver 1 A to both ports at the same time.
  • Can deliver up to 2.1A to a single port as long as the other is not in use
  • How the output is shared depends on the devices connected.
Type 3 (Dedicated Output):
  • Total Output of 3.1A
  • Delivers 1 A to Port 1
  • Delivers 2.1A to Port 2
  • The ports are generally labelled to indicate which is which.
Charging Rates/Timing Most Smartphones have a maximum charging rate a 1 Amp (1A) whilst, most Tablets maximum charging rate is 2.a Amps (2.1A) The following explains the rate of charging for different Power Back Devices: Power Bank with a 1A Output
  • Tablets will charge at about 60-70% of their charging potential
Power Bank with a 2.1 A Output
  • Smartphone will charge at 100% of their charging potential
  • Tablets will charge at 100% of their charging potential
The time it takes to charge your device is all but impossible to estimate as it depends on all of the following factors, among others:
  • The make and model of the device
  • The Charging potential refer above
  • The condition of the battery in your device. Batteries in good condition charge faster than those devices with degraded batteries.
Batteries condition can be degraded by:
  • The number of charge cycles they have been through
  • The amount of discharge prior to charging (constant top-up charging can degrade your battery)

The ambient temperature of the device and the Power Bank Dangerous Goods Inside the power bank is a Lithium battery. There is a big difference to quality depending on the battery.   

Choosing the Correct Power Bank

This is based on the type of user. The following is a guide only but may help you during the selling process. Heavy User Heavy users use the Smartphone or Tablet , constantly, these users are looking for a multi-functional, portable Power Banks, able to change multiple devices.  Features: Dual or single port. Max charging rate per port (1A) , Average battery capacity enough to charge a Smartphone and some Tablets. Light User These users only use their Smartphones for basics. They are looking for just a basic emergency charge. Features: Single port. Max charging rate (1A). Basic battery capacity. 


Batteries fall into 2 major groups, both are rechargeable. Lithium ion tends to be rectangular or cylindrical and is usually cheaper. They are hard shelled with a strong casing. They weigh a little bit more, are sturdier and are hard to puncture. They have high energy densities and cost less as they suffer from aging, even when not in use. Lithium Polymer tends to be thinner and come in a silver bag. They are soft shelled and can be damaged easier; they weigh less and can fit into small shells particularly the custom designed PVC molded power banks.

Important Questions to Ask Yourselves

  1. Does the supplier of the Power Banks meet international compliance? We do. We comply with the ISO9001/ISO14001:2004 and its affiliate factories meet the SA8000 factory inspection audit certification.

  2. Do the power banks come with relevant compliance certificates? Ours do. CE, FCC, Reach, ROHS and UN38.3 for transport.

  3. What battery is in the power banks and are they a brand like Samsung or Generic? We offer Samsung branded hardware, a name you can trust. Cheap batteries might catch fire or even explode when over charged. The correct circuitry to prevent overheating and reverse charging must be present.
  4. Do the power banks come with control circuitry to regulate voltage and current output to prevent your phone charging the power bank? Ours do. 
  5. How fire retardant is the casing surrounding the battery?

  6. Which features are in the power bank you’ve chosen?

  7. Remember, if one Power Bank is ridiculously cheaper than most, then the question one must ask is what is the quality of the battery? You may literally get burnt if you choose an inferior power bank. It is more important to buy quality Branded Power Bank than cheap products as you are displaying your company logo / brand name on this. 

    Such dangerous goods (i.e. batteries) should have MSDS (material safety and data sheets) when imported.

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