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War on Waste: Takeaway Coffee Cups

One of the most prominent and spoken about issues regarding the war on waste is the lack of recyclability of takeaway paper coffee cups. Takeaway coffee cups are often wrongly advertised as being recyclable when in fact only certain parts of the cup are recyclable, such as the lid. In a takeaway coffee cup, there is often a wax inner lining of the cup to make it waterproof. However, the inclusion of this causes the cup to not be recyclable. Due to its lack of recyclability, takeaway coffee cups contribute significantly to landfill and have a detrimental effect on the environment. This can be entirely avoided by the usage of a karma kup or a travel mug. Karma kups are reusable coffee cups. You can fill them with the hot beverage of your choice, or you can contribute to lowering the amount of coffee cup wastage by asking to have your coffee put in your reusable cup as opposed to in a takeaway coffee cup. They are ethically made and an easy, handy way to personally contribute to the war on waste. We offer a range of environmentally friendly karma kups and reusable tumbler. We are based in Brisbane and ship Australia wide, to all capital cities such as Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, Hobart and Darwin.

Click on the image featured (Contour Tumbler 108624) to view our range of Tumbler (107948, D394, 112172, 112231, 112527, JM035, JM044, 4073BK, 4073CA, M258, D582, D585, EX108, S121, S122, S146, S706, S729, S739, S922, S924, JM050).

Click on the image featured, Reusable Eco Karma Kup G1199 320ml / 11oz, to view our range of Karma Kups, including Reusable Stainless Karma Kup G1899 and Glass Karma Kup G1799 12oz / 340ml and Eco Cardboard Gift Tube G1798.