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WAR ON WASTE: Bottled Water


M & M Professionals are the leading suppliers of all things reusable in terms of drink bottles, metal drink bottles, glass drink bottles, karma kups and reusable coffee cups of all sorts in Australia and New Zealand wide.  What is an environmentally safe alternative to bottled water? How about Vacuum Bottles or Flasks ? These promotional drink items are BPA free and are reusable so you leave behind less waste for the environment. What is BPA? BPA Stands for bisphenol A and is an industrial chemical that has been around since the 1960s and is used for making certain plastics and resins. Exposure to BPA has shown some negative health affects and its best to chose a BPA drinking source or container when going for your next drink. Click here to view M & M Professionals collection of Australian Made BPA FREE Sports Drink Bottle.

M & M Professionals has an extensive range of Promotional BPA Free Plastic Drink Bottles: WAR ON WASTE: Bottled Water - See below for an environmentally friendly alternative. Say NO to Bottled Water! and say YES to a reusable BPA Free Plastic, Metal or Glass Drink Bottles instead.

Why is bottled water so bad?

Plastic bottles are very popular in Australia and worldwide, but they generate an enormous amount of waste that is ending up in landfills and the environment because they are not properly recycled. Did you know that plastic drink bottles are one of the top ten most found rubbish items littering our environment to date? By avoiding buying plastic water bottles (bottled water) you can save more money by using BPA FREE plastic drink bottles, sports drink bottles and protein shaker bottles or even collapsible drink bottles, as long as its recyclable and reusable which is the biggest thing.

What are the environmental impacts of us using bottled water?

Well for starters...
  • The majority of bottled water is packaged in PET plastic bottles, which are derived from crude oil and actually take more water to create, than the water inside the bottled water container.
  • When you buy bottled water, it requires transport around Australia, meaning its burning more fossil fuels in order for the bottled water to reach its destination.
  • They damage the environment on land, and hurt sea life when they are littered into the sea.

Did you know?

A Sydney Morning Herald article actually showed many taste tests that most consumers can't taste the difference between bottled and tap water; so why pay the price?