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WAR ON WASTE: Plastic Shopping Bags - Replace with Eco Bags

Plastic shopping bags are known to have an extremely detrimental effect on the environment. The wastage of plastic shopping bags contributes significantly to landfill and ends up in our waterways, harming native marine life. With the growing concern around the long term consequences of wastage with movements such as the war on waste, making the switch to reusable bags is an ideal and productive way to be environmentally friendly. We offer a large range of stylish, reusable, environmentally friendly promotional bags at M & M Professionals Australia wide. We are based in Brisbane and ship to all capital cities, such as Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, Hobart, and Brisbane. We offer promotional calico bags, non-woven bags, satchel bags, jute bags, tote bags, and paper bags. Our custom printed promotional bags are all available to be printed with your corporate logo, ready to be supplied to clients and employers. Our cheap promotional bags printed with your logo are perfect for corporate events and trade shows. So why not make the switch away from plastic bags and supply your business with our promotional eco friendly bags?  

Calico, Non Woven, Satchel, Jute, Tote and Paper Bags

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