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WAR ON WASTE: Plastic Shopping Bags

WAR ON WASTE: Plastic Shopping Bags This article was written because of the latest news that super market giants Coles and Woolworths have announced plans to phase out single use plastic bags over the next year. It is amazing to see how many plastic bags Australians are going through each year. Take a look a the image above, the average shopper uses up to 500 plastic bags a year! This is a fantastic move by the supermarket giants, as plastic bags have a huge negative impact on the environment taking a really long time to degrade. What we will be getting (from Woolworths that is) will be more durable, reusable plastic bags which would be made available at the cost of 15 cents, along with multi use hessian bags also being available. In the promotional product industry, we have been selling reusable bags and tote bags for a very long time! We can offer your business environmentally friendly, reusable bags to use for shopping and any other use you can think of. M & M Professionals has a huge variety of bags, including Tote Bags, Calico Bags, Shopping Bags, Jute Bags, Eco Friendly Bags (category 2), Non-Woven Bags and lots of other styles and materials so the bag will be reusable. We can screen print or digital print your logo on 1 or 2 sides of the bag, to really get your logo and message out there. Bags have a wonderful print area, and because they are a handy promotional item to use, people will hold onto them for a long time. We know this information because we are the top suppliers of promotional products like these non woven tote bags in Brisbane. Tips for living without Plastic Bags:

  • Seperate your rubbish and recycle what you can
  • Invest in some compost bins so you can get rid of food waste and create lawn food
  • Dont use bin liners, just use and wash your bin out every week.
  • Raise chickens to feed excess scraps to
  • Be selective of what you buy from the supermarket, buy in bulk
  • Take reusable tote bags to the shops
  • Use biodegradable bags over plastic bags


Examples of our eco non woven tote bags: Check out our website or call us at 1300-665-256 for a quote on reusable eco bags