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War on Waste: Plastic Bottles

The wastage of plastic bottles to Australian landfill is massive and has an extremely detrimental effect on the environment. Approximately 8 billion bottles and cans contribute to landfill per year. This wastage results in our waterways and causes harms to hundreds of marine animals, many of these endangered. Wastage of plastic bottles is harmful and unnecessary. All of these problems could be solved by the usage of a reusable bottle. It has been shown that the content of bottled water is no better to that of tap water – so why not just use a bottle that can be refilled? It is better for the environment and will save you money as you do not have to buy bottled water repetitively. M & M Professionals offers a large range of trendy, reusable, environmentally friendly, BPA FREE drink bottles that will allow you to participate in preventing harm to the environment. M & M Professionals thermo and travel mugs are also one the many solutions. We are based in Brisbane and offer our products Australia and New Zealand wide.