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War on Waste: Plastic Bags

With the rising presence of the war on waste movement, it is no surprise that its aim has turned towards the harmful dangers of plastic bag wastage. This has resulted in the subsequent outlawing of plastic bags in Queensland, affective by 1st July 2018. This new law could potentially cut the plastic litter bulk in Queensland by 50% - this is a staggering result. Prior to this law, an estimated 1 billion plastic bags are used for shopping alone in Queensland per year. Many of these bags contribute to mass litter and end in our waterways, killing many local and native animals.  M & M Professionals calico bags, jute bags and cotton bags and paper bags are an environmentally friendly response to this – they are useful, trendy and will be the perfect replacement for plastic bags. We are based in Brisbane – perfect if you are living in Queensland and are directly affected by the single use plastic bag ban. We also ship Australia wide, to all capital cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Hobart, and Darwin. Our bags are reusable and are ethically sourced. Update to a more ethical way of living, choose your reusable bags, make a difference and contribute positively to our environment today!

together, we can overcome this plastic bags environmental pollution,
be part of a responsible business in your community