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USM6327 FlashMob: The Latest in Universal Smart Phone USBs

a reliable and stable data transfer between smartphones and computers perfect for those who are on the go

Now include FREE data upload to 150 MB, FREE auto run, 10 year warranty on data retention

Introducing the latest innovation in Promotional USBs - FlashMob USB Drive USM6327.  FlashMob is not only a regular USB Drive but also can be connected to other USB Devices like a digital audio player or smartphone. They are perfect for Universities, Schools, and Small Businesses. This product can be used to allow for example a mobile phone to act as a host and read its contents, like images or music files, but then act like a flash drive when plugged into a computer to read or transfer the data directly.  Flashmob Mobile USB Flash Drives (MicroSD/USB) can be used with Samsung Galaxy Note, N7100, Galaxy Nexus I, 19100, 19103, 19108, Moto Zoom, Nokia N8, E7 ect Mobile Phones and are available in 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB  sizes.  For more information about Universal Smart Phone USB click here.