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The Tangle - Therapy Benefits

Apart from the fact that the promotional Tangle is a really unique promotional product, it also has therapeutic health benefits for all ages! Tangle Therapy has been issued a "Medical Device Establishment Registration" (#3004511013) by US FDA for the following specific uses:

  • Stop Smoking Aid
  • Removes Minor Stress
  • Improves Range of Hand Motion
  • Restores Motion of Joints
  • Improves Muscle Performance
  • Strengthens Finger Muscles
  • Rehabilitates Hand Muscles and Joints

Tangle Therapy is recommended by Doctors, Physical Therapists, Mental Health Care Professionals and Educators. Jumbo_Tangle-lrg BENEFITS If the user manipulates the Tangle into different shapes, this results in focused attention on the Tangle, which gives the health benefit of relaxation and stress reduction. If the user uses the Tangle in a range of motion exercises, this results in improved flexibility and range of motion for hands and wrists. The health benefits of this include relief of minor symptoms associated with repetitive motion problems or injuries. Twisting and turning results in improved fluid movement on the users hands, and also gives off a release of creativity and increased range of motion. It just goes to show that anyone of any age can use the Tangle to improve their hand and mind wellness regardless of age or physical dexterity. What a great idea to put your logo on a therapeutic promotional  product like the Tangle. This puzzle has more uses than anyone ever thought before. More information on the Tangle here. M & M Professionals delivers branded promotional products to a wide range of education based facilities such as universities, TAFE's, Schools and other education related industries. M & M Professionals delivers branded promotional merchandise Australia wide including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, Hobart and more. For a full list of places we service click here. M & M Professionals is an endorsed supplier of TAG - Tertiary Access Group. We supply them with cost effective promotional products for any education related event. As an endored Tag Supplier, we cater for a range of personalised products, including a vast eco friendly range, just ask us next time you need a quote on green products. For more information contact M & M Professionals    

Promo the Tangle - Therapy Benefits

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