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The Best Quality Branded Umbrellas

M & M Professionals featuring 4 newest umbrellas

We only sell the best quality printed promotional umbrellas!

Don't let anyone sell you a poor quality umbrella that will ultimately turn inside out the first chance it gets in a windy storm!  Protect yourselves by protecting your clients, only provide good quality, well made umbrellas made from the right materials and technologies so everyone stays safe in bad weather. 

We have a huge colour range!

We have a promotional umbrella in just about any colour you can think of. If we dont have one in your corporate colours, we can always custom make umbrellas by purchasing offshore and all it takes is a little more time for delivery but you get a unique umbrella in your own special colours. 

We have so many different styles!

We have an umbrella to suit your every need. We have Standard Umbrellas, Corporate Umbrellas, Ladies Compact Style Umbrellas, Children's Umbrellas, Market and Beach Umbrellas and Unisex Umbrellas. You can be certain we can provide you with the right style for whatever promotion you are planning on doing. 

They make great gifts!

If you want to give a gift to someone whether is be for a Christmas Gift, Staff Gift, Education relate Gift or Prize you can be sure an Umbrella has a high perceived value and is more likely to be held onto by the receiver for repeated use. That means the umbrella with your logo will be used every time they need to use an umbrella which is great exposure in the wet weather! 

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