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M & M Professionals - Largest Karma Kups Distributor

03rd Aug 2019

CupDrinkwareEco FriendlyKarma KupReusable CupStainless Steel Mug

There are numerous Karma Kups Distributors. But, Don't Waste Your Time! There is a reason why M & M Professionals is the largest Karma Kups distributor. Because our price is good for your budget, stock availability is most reliable, delivery is on time.

New Eco Friendly Promo Products - 2019

01st Aug 2019

CupDrinkwareEcoKarma KupReusable Coffee CupReusable CupWar On Waste

Everything your business needs to participate in the war on waste. 2019 is the year we help our environment with new range of Eco Merchandise. Let's change the way we consider how the everyday products could congest our landfill.

Promotional Protein Shakers

30th Jul 2019

GymBrisbaneDrinkwareFitnessPersonal TrainerProtein Shakers

If you want a good protein shake, you need a good shaker. Special offers JM037 Tritan Shaker Drinkwear and JM027 Protein HDPE Shakers 400ml. They are perfect for shaking up your protein shake or diet shake of choice.

Introducing G1199 Eco Reusable Karma Kup

28th Jul 2019

CupDrinkwareEco FriendlyKarma KupReusable Cup

Put an end to waste and put sustainability in the palm of your hand with reusable, recyclable BPA FREE Karma Kups.

Vacuum Drinkwear and Food Container

27th Jul 2019

DrinkwareEcoReusable Food ContainerWar On Waste

M & M Professionals has a generous collection of Premium Vacuum Drinkware. See why they are the best in the business! Lots of Advertising exposure from a single purchase, because Stainless Steel last for many years.

Karma Kups are the Eco Friendly Option

25th Jul 2019

CupDrinkwareEcoKarma KupReusable Coffee CupReusable CupWar On Waste

Karma Kups are the solution to disposable coffee cups that are being served every day when we get our daily coffee fix! Why Karma Kups? Find out about the Waste Fact that we create on a daily basis here