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Promo Products for Lasting Memory

Ways to Capture Memories, Honor, and Pay Respect

Being born is as much of part of life as passing away. And the world is passing away...but harmony and contentment belong to those who do good will

Photo Frame

Cremation Urn

Candles and Scent

Ways to Touch Other's Life with Softness, Power and Assurance

There are times when tears meet hugs, upsetness meet happines, uncertainty meet assurance


Power Bank

Trace IT Smart Tag

Ways to Feed the Guests, Maintain Relationship, Care for Others' Needs 

You'd never guess what is around the corner, threats vs supports, prejudicism vs opportunities. Always be kind because you never know when you need help.

Confectionery, Snack, Tea

Good Cup of Coffee

Glass, Jar, Water Jug

Crystal Rectangle Dome 160mm (RDM16)
Crystal Rectangle Dome 160mm (RDM16)
Crystal Star Point STP18
Crystal Star Point STP18
Crystal Spinning Globe GLB10
Crystal Spinning Globe GLB10
Crystal Heart Pendant 2D
Crystal Heart Pendant 2D
Large Prestige Crystal 3D
Large Prestige Crystal 3D

Use Promotional Products every day, from tiny moments to big events in your life. Branded Gifts could make a difference in maintaining any relationships. Recognize the achievement of your team members with treasured Awards & Trophies. Expose your messages out there to your target audience at a fraction of a cost. If they are important to you, they are important to other people in the community. Most important of all, have fun everyday building relationships.

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Who use Promo Products

From large to small businesses, not for profit organisations, promo products are used everywhere.
Funeral services, Lawyers, Accountants, Photographers, Florists, Catering Services are some examples.

Important Facts to Consider Now, or it is too late...

  • While there is no death tax in Australia, there is still an obligation to pay tax on earnings and investments, including undeclared or offshore income, rental income etc.
  • Tax bills do not just disappear after a loved one dies. If loved ones die and fail to lodge income tax returns, the burden to deal with outstanding tax returns lies on executor of the will.
  • Without a legal will, a loved one can't act on your behalf, access confidential information to clean up the financial and tax mess. Un-named family members will have to get a court letter of approval, which can be time consuming and very costly. 
  • If you don't pay the deceased accumulated tax debts, you could be personally liable, and the Tax Office could go after your house or assets. 
  • It is best to obtain a Lawyer's or Accountant's professional help to get organised now, rather than later, or it is too late. No one likes to go through years worth of bank statements to reconstruct deceased's buried financial affairs (assuming the records are digitally available)

Source: Andersons Solicitors (Feb 5, 2018) View Wireless Charging here