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Promotional LED Torches


Whether you’re seeking late-night adventure on a camping trip or experiencing a power outage at home, we all have moments where we need a high-quality torch. We offer a large range of promotional LED torches such as the JTT011 Cob Clip Torch, JTT010 LED with Carabiner Torch, JTT008 Cob Clip Torch and JTT009 Key Light and Bike Light. M & M Professionals personalised torches are available to be customised with your logo, ready to be supplied to your employees and/or clients. Most of M & M Professional JTT branded torches are fitted with handy clips, so they can clip onto things like your shirt and bag to take anywhere you go. Please email us to for latest of the JTT torch images. M & M Professionals is based in Brisbane and offers promotional torches Australia wide. M & M Professionals supplies to all capital cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart, Perth and Darwin. Our high-quality torches are high powered and fit with LED bulbs. Most of our custom promotional torches are “COB” torches. COB stands for Chips on Board, which is a new technology of LED packaging. The way they work is with multiple LED chips packaged together as one lighting module. When it lights up, it looks like a lighting panel. The light has a more uniform appearance, the life expectancy is better, they can achieve higher levels of light in a large area and they are more stable than standard LED torches. Want something different? Get branded tool torch set printed with your logo. This will be a handy and practical gift for your employees and clients. So why not go with a high tech, convenient, promotional torch as a gift for your employees and clients?

Promotional LED Torches

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