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Premec Chalk Writing instruments - the latest news on Promotional Pens

Premec Chalk Writing instruments that take people’s individual needs seriously and that people enjoy writing with. chalk_pen The Design of the “NEW” Premec Chalk Pen defines the horizon of possibilities within the cornerstones of simplicity and Quality and translates these into a sustainable promotional product. It is one of the Lightest Pens on the Market. The Short Tip of the Pen which reminds of a Crayon, a body that consists of only one part and a clip which is tightly attached to the body all symbolize simplicity and efficiency. The relatively large diameter tapers towards the tip so that despite its minimal wall thickness the Chalk Pen is solid while being very light. Through the reduced use of material it weighs only 7.5 grams . Only High Quality European Raw Materials are used so that unnecessary emissions through transportation can be avoided. The materials used in the exterior of the pen create a soft, silky surface and a warm touch which makes the use of a Swiss Made Chalk Pen a pleasant writing experience. Twelve Solid Matt Colours: Black, Brown, Pink, Red, Violet, White, Light Blue, Orange, Green, Blue, Yellow, Grey. This product makes a great quality promotional gift and is suitable as a giveaway at tradeshows and product launches. For more information on this promotional product or any other promotional product from our range click here:  or contact us today  

Premec Chalk Promotional Pens 

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