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New: Healthy Lifestyle Journal

We have just launched our new exercise notebook that helps people track many aspects of their physical self improvement journey. These include:

  • Body part measurement and weight "check in" with comparison fields to track physical changes
  • Goal setting - Overall, monthly and daily
  • Daily activity tracking for over 150 days of exercise
  • Records your mood, current energy level,
  • Resistance training record - Weight, Repititions, Sets
  • Cardio record - Duration, Distance, Level, Pace, Heart Rate and Calories burnt
  • Hydration record
  • Energy Input record - food intake (Calories/KiloJoules)

Our Healthy Lifestyle Journal is great as a marketing device for Corporate Wellness programs. Personal Trainers, Gym and Fitness facilities, and perfect for any individual who wants to see how their exercise regime is having an effect on their health, fitness levels and overall physique. As a promotional tool, it will generate high logo impressions as the user records their daily activity and energy intake whilst on the path to being healthier and happier. the HLJ has been designed in Australia in conjunction with Qualified Australian Fitness Professionals, so you know it has the goods. Choose from the many colour swatches we have available, any colour to suit branding with any logo. Get into the spirit of fitness, and watch your progress with ease with our fitness journals. This journal can also be used in Hospital by Doctors and Nurses, Healthcare or Medical Centres, Clinics, Aged Care Facility, Mental Health and by Dieticians as well as Personal Trainers at Sports / Gym Facilities. It is a Journal for everyone who is interested in Exercise, Healthy Food and Organic Food.