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New Eco Friendly Promo Products - 2019

2019 will be the year we win the war on waste.

Bags, coffee cups, water bottles are items that we use everyday. However, they are not eco friendly and can have an extremely negative impact on the environment when they are wasted. This can be fixed with reusable, eco friendly alternatives of these needed everyday items. M&M Professionals has everything your business needs to participate in the war on waste. 2019 is the year we will help our environment with new range of eco merchandise. Let us change the way we consider how the everyday products could congest our landfill.

Our eco-friendly products

We stock a wide range of Karma Kups, reusable eco-friendly bags, and reusable drink bottles, such as the G1799 Karma Kup, TB020 Calico Bag, and the 108539 Atlanta Eco Safe Drink Bottle. Karma Kups are a sustainable solution to the wastage of takeaway coffee cups – they are stylish, reusable cups that you can take to coffee shops and use instead of a takeaway coffee cup which can not be recycled. Our reusable calico tote bags are a replacement for plastic bags, which severely contributes to landfill. They look better, they are stronger and more durable, and they are better for the environment. Reusable water bottles are the response to wastage of plastic bottled water. M & M Professionals Reusable drink bottles are stylish, convenient, and they help cut down wastage of plastic bottles.

Make your business environmentally friendly.

Our environmentally friendly promotional items are available to be custom printed with your company logo, ready for distribution to your staff and clients and for display at trade shows. We are based in Brisbane and ship our eco-friendly promotional products Australia wide and New Zealand. Order with M&M Professionals today for high quality eco-friendly products that will elevate your business image.