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Karma Kups Reusable Drinkwear

Why should you go for a Karma Kup as your next promotional item?

The answers are simple. There are many reasons why a Karma Kup works wonders as a promotional item. 
They are reusable
Yes thats right. The Karma Kup is a reusable coffee cup branded with your logo, so your logo will get exposure wash after wash after wash. The fact that these are reusable means your client will more likely keep on using them, instead of most promotional items which have a one use then throw out sort of theme. Not the Karma Kups, once you get one of these you'll want to keep using it.
Logo Exposure
Karma Kups have a great large print area on the silicone band part which when placed on someones desk or car cup holder for example can be seen by everyone. Karma Kups have a wide variety of colour ways to chose from, as well as different coloured silicone bands. This means you can create a really funky coffee cup or have it match your company or corporate colours.
Variety of colors and local stock availability for fast turnaround
The trusty Karma Kup has friends! This nifty reusable cup has a few varieties to chose from. G1650 Karma Kup Aura - has a hard silicone style lid and banding. The Regular G1199 Karma Kup with soft Silicone bands and lid. Last but not least, we can't forget about the baby G1599 Picolo Karma Kup which is the smallest of them all.
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