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JTT007 LED Torch and Other JTT Torch Family for University and Small Business

The JTT Torch Family, Bright Light, Colourful Gifts for University and Small Business (good things in small packages)

There are 12 different products to choose from within the JTT LED / COB Torch series. Many Universities have used these affordable and practical promotional products as they are useful for students who have to walk at night in the campus for security.


JTT007 LED Torch has a Flexible Focus Bulb which allows the user to control the beam of light to a small beam to a wide beam.  It has a black body and your choice of orange, blue, red, clear or green coloured ring. This LED Torch can be laser engraved with your logo or message, with a large decoration size of 40x15mm on the side of the barrel. Includes 3AAA Batteries and an individual Gift Box.

JTT012 COB Clip Light with magnet, a powerful beaming torch. The size of this patented product is 120x20mm. Made out of aluminium, available colour to choose from: red, black, royal blue. It uses 1XAAA Super heavy duty Battery. Decoration is laser engraving and decoration size is 30X10 mm. JTT012 is individually packed in a nice black gift box with sponge. It is ideal for walking at night in the car park.

JTT001 9 LED Aluminium Torch

Colours: Blue, Black, Red, Gunmetal

JTT002 Aluminium Torch Bottle Opener

Colours: Black/Silver, Red/Silver

JTT003 Aluminium Torch Bottle Opener

Colours: Blue, Red, Black

JTT004 1 LED Aluminium Torch, 4 LR41 Battery 
Colours: Blue, Red, Green, Silver, Black

JTT005 3 LED Aluminium Torch Key Ring Bottle Opener
Colours: Black, Blue, Red, Gunmetal

JTT006 3 LED Aluminium Torch, 3X LR44 Battery
Colours: Black, Blue, Red

JTT008 COB Clip Light with Magnet
Colors: Red, Blue, Black, Silver

JTT009 Aluminium Key Light & Bike Light
Colours: Red, Black, Blue

JTT010 Sliding Keylight with Carabiner
Colours: Red, Blue, Black

JTT011 COB Clip Light with Magnet
Colours: Red, Black, Blue, Silver, Cyan

JTT013 Pop Up Lantern 6 LED Light
Colours: Red, Black, Royal Blue, Orange, Pink, Pale Blue, Lime

JTT014 Keylight & Mini Lantern
Colours: Black, Royal Blue, Red, Green, Orange