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G1799 Reusable Glass Karma Kup - Why Cafe Businesses Need G1799 from M & M Professionals

Excellent Long Term Advertising

Are you looking to brand your logo on an item with high perceived value, is reusable and environmentally friendly at the same time? The G1799 Glass Karma Kup is the right choice in reusable coffee kups with lids. One of the best features of the glass karma kup is the large print area on the silicone band making sure your logo is prominent and readable when your client is having their very important coffee or tea. Personalise their coffee cup with your logo and be sure your targeted audience will hold onto this prized promotional product. This reusable cup is meant to be used on the go, the silicone lid will protect from spillage while walking and talking or sitting in the car cup holder. Please contact M & M Professionals today to see what added values you can benefit from the largest distributor of Karma Kup Range in Australia. Click here to see the colours of G1799 OR browse through the NEW range of G1800 Reusable Glass Karma Kup with Flip Closure

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