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Environmentally Friendly Bags

Bringing promotional products to trade shows, conferences and events that accurately reflect your business and make you leave a lasting impression on potential clients and business partners is important and highly valuable to the success of any business. The rising concern of the wastage of plastic has led to a popularity increase of reusable, environmentally friendly goods, especially reusable bags. Eco friendly promotional bags printed with your custom logo would be a perfect addition to your promotional merchandise as it will let others know that you care about the Earth. This awareness of the harmful consequences of plastic bag wastage has led to the outlawing of plastic bags in Queensland, effective by July 2018. This provides all the more reasons to swap to reusable bags in your personal life and for your business. We offer calico bags, jute bags, and non-woven bags, all available to be printed with your corporate logo, ready for distribution at trade shows and corporate events. Check out more information about M & M Professionals Eco Trade Show Bags here. We are based in Brisbane, and ship environmentally friendly, reusable bags Australia wide to all capital cities, such as Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Darwin, Perth, Hobart and Canberra. Show off a lasting impression and let it be known at trade shows and corporate events that you are an eco friendly person. See category 2 in "10 Categories of Eco Friendly Promotional Merchandise for Your Business Image" blog on M & M Professionals website: