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Eco Safe Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Promo Products

Thinking about how we can help reduce our domestic household waste is our responsibility. Any extra effort we make, small or large, will contribute positively to the environment. For example, too many plastic water bottles are thrown away after a single use and are accumulated in landfill each year. Another example, too many plastic food packaging are thrown away after a single use and are accumulated in landfill each year. Most commonly known example, too many plastic bags are thrown away after a single use and are accumulated in landfill each year. 

Our Role to Promote Eco Safe Products

M & M Professionals offers a wide range of vacuum insulated stainless steel promo products that will assist you in being environmentally friendly and taking part in the war on waste as they are very eco safe products. 

Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Products can help reduce the use of disposable plastic bottles and disposable plastic food containers, because they are reusable, last longer, and they are made of entirely recyclable materials.

M & M Professionals personalised vacuum insulated Bottles, Cups, Flasks, Mugs, and Tumblers are made out of stainless steel, locally stocked, and are BPA FREE. 

Most of our branded promotional vacuum insulated products can be presented in stylish gift boxes, with optional ad insert.

M & M Professional delivers Australia wide and World wide.

Vacuum Stainless Steel Bottles

(save up to 50% compare to retail price)

Vacuum Stainless Steel Cups

Vacuum Stainless Steel Flasks

Vacuum Stainless Steel Mugs

Vacuum Stainless Steel Tumblers

Other Stainless Steel Products

StainlEss steel does not require a plastic liner ensuring a Chemical and Odour free products.
They have an indefinite life Span which keeps your logo in the public Arena longer.
They are manufactured by socially responsible Factories. They also help to reduce 
the use of disposable plastic products that can end up polluting the Environment.
All materials used are recyclable and BPA FREE.