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Custom Shaped Power Banks and Chargers

Custom Shaped Power Banks and Chargers - External Backup Battery & Mobile Chargers. Power and Charge Mobile Phone, iPhones, iPads and Tablets wherever you go with ease.
Power Banks and Chargers are one of the most talked about Promotional Products currently available, and with good reason!

How many times have you left the office and realised too late that your Phone or Tablet has hardly any charge, because you forgotten to charge it the night before?
You then spend the day quickly checking it, texting faster than you thought possible and talking in short bursts. This is not the way to go!

Portable power banks and chargers are the answer!


This is the reason why Power Banks and chargers have become a ‘must have’ item. Here are more reasons... - They bring peace of mind - They are portable and come in a Wide Range of Shapes and Sizes and Battery Strength Capacity - Charge Smart Phones and Tablets etc. - They offer Excellent Branding opportunities - They are often passed around as a show piece


Custom Shaped Branded 3D Power Banks Power Banks come in many different Shapes and Sizes and Battery Strengths.

The latest trend in Promotional Products is to turn your Product or Logo into a Custom Shaped Power Bank. Similar to Custom Moulded USB Flash Drives, we use PVC Moulding to make this stunning product. It’s important to note that not all Logo’s and Products can be accommodated.

Custom Shaped Power Banks ensure that customers are reminded of your company or Brand every time they are used to charge their Mobile or Tablet. A PVC Rubber is constructed that encapsulates the battery and the internals based on your Design.

Email your Logo to and we will ask our skilled factory designers to have a look and see if they are able to come up with a charger design. Cylindrical Shapes are particularly easy to make into power banks.

All you need is a concept or an idea of what you want to make...

Click here to view some custom shaped power bank and charger ideas custom-shaped-chargers-2

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Custom Shaped Power Banks and Chargers

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