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Custom Printed Hats, Caps and Face Masks

Express Cap Design Ideas M & M Professionals supplies custom made caps with your logo either printed or embroidered. M & M Professionals supply only the best quality promotional caps to a range of customers including City Councils, Schools, Universities, Registered Training Entities, and Education related business, Clubs and Sporting Events, Community Events, Trade Show Supplies, Tour Operators, Waste Management and Recycling Industry, Mining Industry, Australian Manufacturers, Australian Retailers, Radio Stations, Healthcare providers, Animal Health Suppliers, Cafes / Bars and much more. 

Could Face Masks Become an Ongoing Trend?

It’s not at all uncommon to be an asymptomatic carrier of the new corona virus — which means that even if you have no symptoms at all, you could potentially transmit the virus to someone who could then become gravely ill or even die.

A mask, alongside frequent hand-washing and physical distancing measures, like staying at least 6 feet (2 meters) apart, reduces that risk.

But could this be a trend that continues even after COVID-19?
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  • Celebrities and influencers are joining the #MaskingForAFriend campaign to encourage wearing masks to protect others.
  • Other countries have been embracing face masks in public for several years.
  • Just like sunglasses, hats, caps evolved from sun protection to fashion accessories, masks may do the same.

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