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Chalk Fluro Pen (P3001)

Quality Swiss made, environmentally friendly pens at a value price point. Essential and iconic, Chalk Fluro Pens (P3001) have a simple and sophisticated shape. Designed by the BMW Group subsidiary "Designworks USA" and nominated for the German Design Award 2015. Produced from PLA, a plastic material of vegetable origin that is obtained from non edible resources, this pen is biodegradable through proper composting, the perfect eco friendly writing instrument. Fluro Colours: Yellow (PMS809C), Pink (PMS812C), Green (PMS802C), Orange (PMS811C). With a long Ballpoint writing distance of 2800m, your brand will gain more impressions. NEW LOW Minimum Quantity (starting 1st July 2018). For more information contact M & M Professionals

Green Fluro Chalk Pen (P3001)

Orange Fluro Chalk Pen (P3001)

Pink Fluro Chalk Pen (P3001)

Yellow Fluro Chalk Pen (P3001)