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Branded Promotional Power Banks for Mobile Phones


What can my Power Bank Charge ? 

First we must look at the capacity of the power bank. This determines what type of product you can charge whether is be a smart phone or tablet, how fast it charges and if it will give you a full charge or not. 


 For example, a promotional power bank with a capacity of 2600 mAh allows an iphone 5 smart phone (battery size approx 1570mAh) to be fully charged, yet a Samsumg Galaxy S5 (Battery size approx 3000mAh) cannot be fully charged using the entire charge of the power bank. This also works the other way, where a power bank as 2200 mAh will not fully charge an iphone 5S because the voltage equation output is lower.

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Please note when using a small capacity power bank charger for your tablet or ipad, your device will never be fully charged, think of it as a top up charge when needed for emergencies. In this case you will need a higher capacity power bank to fully charge a tablet. A higher capacity tablet power bank charger would look something like this: 10000 mAh or 15000 mAh. A Smart phone will be between 2000 mAh for a top up charge or 5000 mAh for a more complete charge.

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