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Branded Power Banks for your next marketing campaign

Why not consider Promotional or Branded Power Banks as your next Marketing Campaign?

powerbankcollage What is a Power Bank? One of the fastest growing products is the Power Bank. Commonly known as a battery charger, a Power Bank is a portable charger used to charge a wide range of portable electronic products such as laptops, tablet PCs, mobile phones, digital cameras, camcorders. Power banks are not one-time equipment and can be recharged and re-used. Power banks are easy to recharge as they come with USB cables so can take their power from any USB port or adapter for example a 12V cigarette lighter adapter with USB or 240V power supply with USB. Power banks can charge any device that you would normally charge using a USB cable with for example an iPhone or iPad as it outputs the same voltage as USB. Increased demand and usage of mobile phones, tablets, phablets and other digital gadgets has spurred the market growth and through continuous research and exploration the industry finally developed this new product: Power Bank. We do Power Bank Chargers for Mobiles, we do Power Bank Chargers for Tablets, this is the hottest product on the market to date. How can I use Promotional Power Banks to promote my business? At M & M Professionals we’ve taken this product to the next promotional stage and developed Branded and Custom Shaped Power Banks which are fast becoming the latest in Promotional items. Here are a few reasons why Promotional Power Banks and chargers have become a ‘must have’ item for smart business’s seeking innovative Branded ideas. – Branded Power Banks for Mobiles bring peace of mind – They are portable and come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and Battery Strength Capacity – Power Banks and Chargers can be used to charge Smart Phones and Tablets etc. – Promotional Power Banks are excellent Branding opportunities – They are often passed around as a show piece Get your logo onto a Custom Branded Power Bank Charger as soon as you can before other companies gets in ahead of you - they are the ‘latest trend’. 981_power-bank-bar Custom Branded Power Bank, 3D Power Banks and Promotional Power Banks come in many different shapes, sizes and Battery Strengths. The latest trend in Promotional Products is to turn your Product or Logo into a Custom Shaped Power Bank. Similar to Custom Moulded USB Flash Drives, we use PVC Moulding to make this stunning product. It’s important to note that not all Logo’s and Products can be accommodated. Custom Shaped Power Bank Chargers ensure that customers are reminded of your company or Brand every time they are used to charge their Mobile or Tablet. Branded Power Banks Make Great Promotional Gifts. A PVC Rubber is constructed that encapsulates the battery and the internals based on your Design. Email your Logo or design idea to and we will ask our skilled factory designers to have a look and see if they are able to come up with a charger design. Cylindrical Shapes are particularly easy to make into Promotional Power banks. view-custom-power-banks

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Branded Power Banks for your next marketing campaign

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