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Don't get burnt with cheap Karma Kup Knock offs!

There has been some reports of certain promotional product distributors in Sydney and  Australia Wide trying to sell non genuine Karma Kups to their clients. They use the same imagery and descriptions of the original Karma Kup but their product is not the high standard of quality the original Karma Kups are. 

Don't be fooled by offshore prices for local stock!
If its too good to be true, than it probably is! Definitely in this case. The Karma Kup Brand is a high quality reusable coffee cup and wont be seen being sold locally at offshore prices. This goes for the Glass Karma Kup as well, an even higher quality take away kup possibly being knocked off as well.
Karma Kups are the ORIGINAL Eco Friendly Coffee Cup!
So buyer beware, if you are being sold or quoted on a karma kup knock off, do your research and make sure you aren't paying the price for an inferior product.

Karma Kup Aura

Customise your G1650 Karma Kup Aura with brilliantly colored screw top lids, add your logo to make it truly yours. Choose your White or Black Cup + Colored Lid & Band. This Karma Kup boasts a Leak Resistant Screw Top Lid and a 320ml/11oz Capacity. Karma Kup Aura is also BPA Free, made from non toxic plastic so you can be sure you are using a safe and Eco Friendly Promotional Product. The Lid is plastic and the band is made from Silicone.

Karma Kup Profile

Introducing the New Karma Kup Profile! It has a leak resistant screw top sipper lid, colored swivel stopper or button and band. Capacity: 320ml/11oz. BPA Free. Customise your G1651 Karma Kup Profile with brilliantly colored screw top lids, stoppers and bands, then add your logo to make it truly yours. The lid is plastic and the band is made from silicone. 
For other styles of Karma Kups please contact M & M Professionals here

Karma Kup Piccolo

Smaller Budget? Try the Piccolo Karma Kup!
This is our smallest Karma Kup called the Piccolo which is 120ml/4oz which is ideal for an expresso or baby-chino!
The Lid and the band is made from silicone. Choose your colored LID and BAND!
Customise your G1599 Piccolo Karma Kup with brilliantly coloured lids and bands, then add your logo to make it truly yours. Put an end to waste and put sustainability in your hands