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Promotional Bean Bag Desk Caddy

Filling your employee’s desks with fun, bright accessories is a positive and exciting way to engage your staff in their work throughout the day and lighten up the mood of your company office. The G1679 Beanbag Desk Caddy is the perfect addition to your employee's desk. The Beanbag Desk Caddy is a miniature sized, 80x80mm bean bag for your desk fit with a secure front pocket that is perfect for holding almost anything. For example, it can hold office supplies such as pens and pencils, or personal items like your phone. They are available to be ordered in four vibrant colours. You can choose from blue, red, green, and orange. They can be custom printed with your branded logo, ready to be distributed as unique gifts for your staff or clients. Your corporate logo will be screen printed onto the front pocket. The Beanbag Desk Caddy can be bought in bulk so you can provide these quirky promotional accessories to your whole company. They are also a perfect fit for supplying to clients and to bring to corporate events such as trade shows and conferences as memorable promotional merchandise. You can check out the G1679 Beanbag Desk Caddy here.

Promotional Bean Bag Desk Caddy

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