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Australian Made Art and Hand Made Pieces

Welcome to Australian Made Art and Hand Made Pieces,
Where Passion to Create Beautiful Art is What Matters

The above Metal Art and Hand Made pieces were created by way of producing either a 3D or 2D Master. A 3D Master is either hand engraved by local Australian artists from clients' artwork, or a render is created and printed in a 3D printer in a high heat resin. A 2D Master is created after creating the desired artwork, a film is then produced, which is used to expose UV light sensitive metal, creating two dimensional layers. After using these Master plates, high pressure, high heat, moulds, casting machines, the artists then spend numerous hours cleaning each item (this is the hands on part of the whole process). The artists then drill, grind, use acid, brush and buff each pieces to reach the desired finish look. Because of the amazing details even in the smallest pieces of art, the whole process requires a great deal of hand craftsmanship. The completed pieces reflect a number of variables: design complexity, number of steps required to produce beautiful finish stage of the art pieces. These gifts made by Australian artists will be treasured by your customers for years to come.