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Are you ready for Orientation Week?

At M&M Professionals, we provide the best, high quality, inexpensive, useful items that University students need. We understand the stresses of prepping for the new school semester and how the list of supplies you need goes on and on. That’s why we provide such a large range of promotional products for University students that are perfect for your O Week event. We offer products for all kinds of purposes during O Week. Don’t be under prepared for your O Week event. Place your order with M & M Professionals in advance to save money.

Bags, Eco Friendly


Choices Available for Eco Friendly Bags:

  • Bamboo
  • Calico
  • Cotton
  • Jute
  • Non Woven
  • Organic Cotton
  • Paper
  • Produce Bags

Best value for money:
TB021 Calico Bag

Earbuds / Ear Phones

Choices Available for Earbuds:

  • Earbuds in round case
  • Earbuds in square case
  • Earbuds in eva case / travel case
  • Earbuds in clear packaging / bag
  • Bluetooth Earbuds
  • Retractable Earbuds
  • Sports Ear Phones
  • Wireless Ear Phones


Karma Reusable Coffee Kups

Choices Available for Karma Kups:

  • Glass Karma Kups (G1799, G1800)
  • Aura Karma Kups (G1650)
  • Eco Karma Kups (G1199)
  • Piccolo Karma Kups (G1599)
  • 535ml/16oz Karma Kups (G1288)
  • Profile Karma Kups (G1651)
  • Stainless Steel Karma Kups (G1899)
  • Ceramic Karma Kups (G1111)

Best value for money:
G1199 (320ml/11oz)

Stationery Set (Customised)



Best value for money
SUN01 Classis Wayfarer