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9 Crucial Questions for Choosing the Right Custom T-Shirt Printing Company

So you’ve decided that you need some custom t-shirts in Australia? There are tons of options in the marketplace. That’s why we’re going to help you find the right one!

Custom t-shirt printing has exploded in popularity. Some people use them for marketing or employees while some have even started their own t-shirt lines. Whatever the reason for getting your own custom t-shirts, it’s important that you know how to find a reputable company.

That’s why in this guide, we’re going to cover 9 crucial tips to help you find the right custom t-shirt company.

Let’s dive straight into the crucial questions

9 Crucial Questions for Choosing the Right
Custom T-Shirt Printing Company

1. What is the purpose of the t-shirts

Knowing the purpose of your chosen t-shirt will help you answer some of the following questions. It will help you set a budget, choose the right fabric and designs and decide on how many t-shirts you need.

Being clear on your goals will help your chosen custom t-shirt company serve you better.

For example, if you are planning to order some custom printed t shirts for a marketing event or a sports event or a fund raising event with certain dates in mind, it is best to contact your T Shirt printer a couple of months in advance. M & M Professionals has the project management software that will keep track of production schedule from start to finish, to ensure your order is OK

2. How many custom t-shirts are needed 

How many custom t-shirts you need will affect the size of the company you deal with. If you need the t-shirts on large order and a short deadline, you’re better off going for a large company. But if you only need a small number, most companies will be able to deliver on time.

M & M Professionals can handle both large and small orders. We have access to the latest fabric printing technologies such as Power Print, Supacolour, and few other printing technologies which has been proven to lower the unit price of each custom printed T Shirts. This is how M & M Professionals is able to pass on the savings to our customers over the years, for both large and small orders.

3.  What is your budget

Obviously, you don’t want to raid the whole piggy bank just to get some custom t-shirts. So you need to have an idea of what your maximum spend is. This gives you the ceiling which you can’t go over.  

Then you want to find the sweet spot between price and quality. If you’re only ordering a few pieces this won’t be a big deal for you but in large batches, costs can add up quickly.  

If you’re ordering custom made t-shirts for a large organization, it’s a good idea to order some samples first. This way you can decide for yourself which company has the best quality at a reasonable price. Contact us here for free sample of GILDAN T Shirts. 

4. How complex is your design

Some companies might offer limited design options. This is okay if you only need a simple logo or design. But if you need something more intricate, it’s a good idea to find a company with professional designers or access to them. This will ensure that your custom t-shirts will look exactly the way you want them. 

Schools and numerous government departments have complex logo or branding guidelines, such as text colors, sizes, curves and shapes. M & M Professionals has the solutions for complex logo and intricate T shirts art design. Contact us here to find out

5. In house vs outsourced operation

While this doesn’t make or break the quality of your custom t-shirts, it could make communication times longer. Both options have their pros and cons though. For example, in-house operations could save you time but your range of options might be smaller unless the company is large.

On the other hand, if your custom t-shirt company outsources design, you will have the benefit of dealing with specialists. This can lead to greater quality as both companies stick to their specific expertise. M & M Professionals has 5 layers of graphic design services, from $60 onward

6. Do you only need custom t-shirts

While custom t-shirts are usually the most popular option, there are many options for your custom designs. Whether you’d like polos, 3/4 sleeves or long sleeves or even custom branded caps and hats, make sure your chosen company has a range of options. M & M Professionals has an extensive experience thinking about customers' environmental condition. We offer one stop shop for all sorts of working condition apparel needs.

Even if you only need custom t-shirts this time around, it’s good to have options for the future. That way you won’t have to go hunting for another custom t-shirt printer. 

7. Do they have good customer service

Customer service is vital and can be one of the most important factors to consider when you’re choosing a custom t-shirt company. When you look through company reviews, make sure to pay attention to their customer service satisfaction. 

Good customer service shows that the company values its customers. This is important especially when issues arise in the printing process. For example, there could be a delay or they might have made a mistake in your design. When this happens it’s crucial that the company keeps you up-to-date and ensure that you get what you paid for. 

8. What do review say

These days it’s super easy to find reviews for companies. Many people enjoy sharing their opinions online—whether good or bad. This is great news for you as you can build a shortlist of potential suppliers.  

There are review websites like TrustPilot or the company might list them directly on their webpage. Wherever you get your reviews from, make sure they are legitimate. 

Although not every review is digitally listed, M & M Professionals receives referrals on a regular basis as we give assurance on customer service satisfaction. 

9. What fabrics are used

If you’re on a budget you might not want to opt for premium custom t-shirts. So it’s important that your chosen company has a range for you to choose from.

This is also important for personal preference and what you need the t-shirts for. T-shirts worn for comfort and t-shirts that are worn for durability won’t be made from the same fabric. 

For field team members, M & M Professionals has a range of breathable fabrics, so people don't get too hot during summer and are still enjoying UPF50+ fabric.

Modern, Slim Fit T Shirts
Modern, Slim Fit T Shirts
V Neck T-Shirts
V Neck T-Shirts
Sleeveless T-Shirts, Tank
Sleeveless T-Shirts, Tank
3/4 & Long Sleeve T Shirt
3/4 & Long Sleeve T Shirt

M&M Professionals Headwear
M&M Professionals Headwear
Hoodie, Personalised
Hoodie, Personalised
Jackets and Jumpers
Jackets and Jumpers
Gildan Warm Wear
Gildan Warm Wear
Cardigans & Vests
Cardigans & Vests

Make sure to communicate what your needs are so your chosen company knows if they can provide the right custom t-shirts.  

If you ask yourself all of these questions before choosing a custom t-shirt company in Australia, you’ll make the right choice. You’ll be able to avoid poor companies and ensure that you get the product you wanted. 

Need a suggestion for a custom t-shirt printing company? Look no further than M & M Professionals. Here at M & M Professionals, we’ve been helping Australians with their custom t-shirt printing needs for many years. We have a range of t-shirt styles and fabrics, from premium to Gildan custom t-shirts and more. But we don’t stop at custom t-shirts, whether you need apparel, bags or eco-friendly products we’ve got you covered. Get in contact with us today to find your perfect custom made t-shirt! M & M Professionals can offer you a range of organic T Shirts, value for money or budget T Shirts or premium T Shirts. Other T Shirts brands are Sol's and Ramo

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