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6 Ways to Attract Sponsors for Your Events

How to Obtain Sponsors Loyalty for Repeat Events

Sponsorship can be a powerful way to help your business reach wider audiences or more specific target markets. Below are 6 tips on how to attract Partner Sponsors, not just any sponsors. An effective sponsorship could lead to another opportunity to grow your business. You can travel the world, create your own events, do lots of media communication and inspire more customers with your messages, engage more target audience. If you are ready to show your quality and value to a potential sponsor, contact M & M Professionals today and let us show you how to save money on next events.

Always Put Yourself in Your Sponsors' Shoes

Persuading a potential sponsor takes a lot more skills than pitching your past events and giving sponsors a check list or templates of what you are looking for. It takes a set of relationship building skills.

It is about "what is in it for the sponsors". Do your research prior to approaching any potential sponsors. This task can't be done last minute in ad-hoc situation, otherwise people will see the lack of leadership in what you or your organisation are trying to do. 

  1. Create a list of potential sponsors and narrow it down carefully
  2. Build relationships over the years
  3. Provide evidence of how successful your events were
    (i.e. powerful statistics, testimonials from previous sponsors)
  4. Discuss the event marketing strategy with your sponsors
  5. Follow up after the event and pay attention to their business goals
  6. Not everything is about your event. Help your sponsors gain substantial leads long after the events