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6 Ways for Getting Sponsorship for Your Business

Sponsorship As A Mean to Fund Your Business

Investors, Business Partners, Friends, Parents money, Family Partnerships, Banks are the most common ways to finance one's business.
On this blog, we would like to share some other ways (non traditional) in which you could obtain sponsorship for your business.

1. Conference Bags
Make it about the sponsor, not about you, simply by investing in good quality Conference Bags. Sponsorship is about reaching large audience all at once. Pick an audience that is relevant to both your business and prospective sponsors, then collaborate or participate together in an annual conference / event that is beneficial for both your business and sponsor. 

2. Eco Bags 
Be clear about your demographic. If your target audience cares about environmental issues (such as landfill), you need to invest in good quality Eco Bags. Both your business logo and the prospective sponsor logo can be printed on 2 sided of Eco Bags. Jute Tote Bags, Jute Shopping Bags, Calico Bags, Cotton Carry Bags are some examples of reusable eco-bags

3. Business Trolley Backpacks or Bags
Have a great platform extension to reach more customers. Think about your company database, your strategic alliances, how can you borrow the powerful media reach of a professional association or a membership with a relevant not-for-profit organisation. Business Trolley Backpacks are one of the ways to go for longer lasting and effective platform extension.

4. Business Portfolio and Compendium
Have Cause-Related Marketing partnership between the sponsor and your business. Customers buy more or use more services from businesses that give back to the community, and the sponsor wants to be known as a good member of the community as well. It is a win-win situation. What an ideal way to capture this on good quality branded Business Portfolios

5. Branded Notebook, Journal, Notepad
Create a compelling sponsor story: details of sponsor main capabilities, statistical journey, achievements, goals and corporate responsibility and how those tie in with your business commitment to the community. The benefits of Notebooks: sponsor story and your business contribution can be pad print or screen print or digital print (depends on type)

6. Labels, Business Cards, Magnets, Flags
Sponsors want to see if your business is worthy or not of their sponsorship. Best way to show this is to be prompt when being asked for information and to have access to qualified advisory mentors. Labels, Business Cards, Magnets, Flags and Banners can be an affordable promotional merchandise to communicate your business integrity/credibility.

Sponsorship can be a powerful way to help your business reach wider audiences or more specific target markets. The above promotional products, Conference Bags, Eco Bags, Business Trolley Backpacks, Business Portfolio and Compendium, Branded Notebooks or Notepads, Labels, Business Cards, Magnets, Flags and Banners, are some of the most effective ways to attract Sponsorship. More sponsorship equals to more opportunities to grow your business. You can travel the world, create your own events, do lots of media and empower more customers with your messages. If you are ready to show your quality and value to a potential sponsor, contact M & M Professionals today and let us show you, how you can save money on your next promotional products.