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5 Best Practice Guidelines on How to Organise Your Workplace

It is easy to slack off as we are all so busy on a daily basis with what seems to be thousands of tasks to do in the same 8 working hours per day (or 7.6 working hours per day for those lucky ones). Organising your workplace sounds like an extra task that tends to get avoided. Here are 5 best practice guidelines that anyone in any industry can follow: 

1. Use good quality LABELS that last for a long time and that are compliant with state and Federal regulations

Whilst for most businesses, labels can come in many different forms or shapes, some businesses within the chemicals and other specific industries, their labels must comply with Global Harmonised System (GHS) - see the Australian Labelling of Workplace Hazardous Chemicals Code of Practice. Labels don't have to boring and sterile. Have fund with labels colors and shapes. Order your CUSTOMISED LABELS today.

2. Keep a running supply inventory of promo products sold on line or as gifts to customers over certain dollar value orders 

If your businesses are not-for-profit oganisations that sell promotional merchandise online, talk to M & M Professionals today for ideas on how the best ways to stock your promo merchandise so you don't run out of certain items without comprising storage areas. If your business sell products or services online and you would like to reward your customers as per what is advertised on your website / printed marketing materials contact us today.

3. Challenge the way you are working

Engage people at work if you can, to look for continuous improvements in their areas. This could also be the start of a "collaborative culture" that any businesses in any industries need in order to stay competitive and sustainable in the long term - good practice.

4. Improve efficiency by organising the supply area

Don't waste time looking for something in the warehouse/storage area. Supplies which are constantly being used should be ready and accessible and available at any time. Group supplies on similar categories. Provide a stool nearby just in case and return it - good practice.

5. Reward or Reinforce safe work practices

Whilst there are 2 management styles for recognising the importance of safe and organised work places, preventing injury and educating everyone involved should be one of  the team common goals. Hazardous work areas should be properly labelled - good practice.