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3 in 1 Power Bank Cable

3IN1POWERBANKCABLE Promotional Power Banks are a fantastic savior...providing you have the right connector cable that is! Never be stranded again with our 3 in 1 Power Bank which in a 3 in 1 USB connector cable which includes a, 8 pin, 30 pin, and a Micro Pin USB Cables suitable to use with any current smart phones on the market including Apple iPhones, Samsungs and many more. This little item really makes all the difference if you are giving a power bank as a gift or incentive, because you know the receiver can actually use it! When you order any branded power bank from us we make sure you have the option to add on the 3 in 1 connector cable so you have have the assurance that the client will be pleased to receive such a product. For more information on Power Bank Chargers please check out the rest of our Power Bank blogs here For pricing or general inquiries please contact M & M Professionals here.

3-in-1 Power Bank Cable

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