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Stick out from the crowd at Orientation Week.

At O Week, it is important to stand out. Whether you are a volunteer aiding new students and need to be recognizable or a club/society trying to gather student attention to join your club, it is vital to have something that makes you stand out from the rest. O Week is always full of activities, people and high energy – it is easy to get lost amongst the action. A good way to combat this and make yourself noticeable is by wearing bright coloured, custom made uniforms printed with your personalised logo. At M&M Professionals, we offer inexpensive, high quality, bright, custom made t-shirts that can be printed with your custom design. This is perfect for clubs/societies and volunteers. Volunteers need to stick out so new students can enquire with any questions. Ordering vibrant t-shirts with a large, printed slogan such as “Can I help you?” or “Ask me questions!” will catch their attention. Clubs/Societies need to stick out and be memorable so they grab the attention they need from students to come and join their groups. A matching uniform with an eye-catching logo or design of their club/society will draw attention from students. We offer Gildan ANVIL T-Shirts available in black, white and colour for men and women. You can check out our range here. We are based in Brisbane and ship our customisable uniforms Australia wide, to all capital cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Darwin, Adelaide, Hobart and Canberra. Don’t get lost in the crowd at your O Week activities – order with us today.