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Karma Kups - what would we do without coffee?

Where would we be without coffee?

Coffee is such a big part of many Australian’s everyday lives. It is estimated that we use a billion takeaway coffee cups a year, with a large amount of these not able to be recycled. Takeaway coffee cups can’t be recycled due to their polyethylene lining, meaning they are not recyclable or biodegradable. Alongside this, takeaway coffee cups count for a massive proportion of Australia’s pollution. In a time when our environmental concerns are rising, especially with the increasing number of movements such as the War on Waste, this is not sustainable. Reusable Karma Kups are the best eco-friendly reusable coffee cups in Australia. This personalised reusable coffee cup is a perfect solution for the environmentally-aware coffee drinker to the War on Waste.

We offer glass Karma Kups...

that can be branded with your logo. They are available in a stylish range of colours, well priced and BPA free (BPAs are industrial chemicals). M & M Professionals promotional reusable coffee cups are convenient and fit for individual use and businesses. They are available to be personalised with your custom logo. If you’re a regular at your local coffee store and find yourself opting for a takeaway coffee cup, why not bring a Karma Coffee Cup with you instead? Why use non-recyclable takeaway coffee cups when you can take the environmentally-friendly option of a Karma Kup? Why continuously buy takeaway coffee cups when you can invest in personalised Reusable Karma Kups?

Make the change today!