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Australians are estimated on using 1 billion cups per year!

 A new threat on Australia has been a slow one in the making, but its getting worse and something needs to be done about it soon. Our ever growing caffeine habit (also known as Coffee) is doing major damage to our environment, in the shape of disposable coffee cups. From the outside, they look like normal paper cups right?


These disposable paper cups actually contain plastics that dont break down and are damaging our environment in the process. So what are disposable coffee cups actually made of then? Definitely not anything recyclable. Are coffee cups lids recyclable then? The answer is no, paper based cups are lined with a membrane of plastic to make them waterproof to hold your coffee, but this in turn they are not recyclable alongside paper or cardboard cups.

How many coffee cups are thrown away each year?

Australians are estimated on using 1 billion cups per year!

It is now known that this bad habit is actually the second largest contributor to litter waste AFTER plastic bottles. Even though the disposable paper cups may degrade and become almost done, the plastic thats inside will be around for a really long time. These either go to landfills or the environment, both of which mean the same thing. Long lasting plastic damaging our Earth.

What is the solution to this ever growing global problem?

We need to use more recyclable cups and say no to plastic cups, plastic bottles, plastic cuttlery, or plastic straws, invest in a Karma Kup today and earn a good karma tomorrow. M & M Professionals is the leading distributor of Karma Kups in Australia wide and New Zealand. Call us today for a quote on our eco friendly reusable karma kup today. Click here for our karma kup options and pricing.