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#111278 Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack

111278 Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack - Introducing a fantastic new promotional backpack, especially designed for backpackers, travelers and holiday makers.

This is the best Anti Theft Backpack.

Be safe from pick pocketers and scam artists when you are visiting other countries, be safe with the Anti Theft backpack. The best thing about this promotional backpack is the fact that when you are wearing it, thieves cannot get to the protected zippered entrance where your valuables are kept. 

The Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack from XD DESIGN combines tough uncompromising security with advanced storage features and a streamlined futuristic design. It boasts a myriad of security and safety features including a unique zero entry main zip closure, two secure hidden pockets, reflective night safety strips and cut resistant internal panels on the front and sides.

Bobby is a dream to wear with extensive breathable back and shoulder padding and a revolutionary weight dispersal system which effectively reduces shoulder weight by up to 20% when compared to regular backpacks. Other features include the choice of three opening angles, an external phone charging port, a luxury carry handle and a luggage strap so Bobby can slide over the handle of a rolling suitcase. The outer construction features two layers of tough waterproof polyester with six millimetre shock absorbing foam and the cut resistant panels sandwiched between them. All of the internal pockets are padded and designed for securely holding a laptop, a tablet, a camera and headphones etc. Bobby is presented in a printed unbleached cardboard gift box with carry handles.

Grey Melange/Grey Inner, Charcoal Melange/Blue Inner.
H 450mm x W 300mm x 165mm.