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10 Reasons Why Investing in Your Business Brand Name is Worth It (PROMO POWER)

What is an asset to you?

Numerous small business owners do not see Building Business Brand as an asset. Yet, they see company cars as asset straight away although vehicles diminish in value immediately after you purchase and drive them away. Why is that? Business Brand Building (BBB) gives you more in return in the long term, but Business Car Depreciation (BCD) gives you more maintenance bills in return. Do something about your Business Brand Building today !

1. Planing Foundation

2. Reputation Management

3.  Objective Consistency

4. Marketing Clarity

5. Opportunity Exploration

6. Personality in Brand

7. Original Brand

8. With Seal of Approval

9. Expectations Resizing

10. Rebranding Option

P R O M O   P O W E R

  1. P lanning Foundation: 
    Any Small Business journey is not an easy road to travel. Rather than wasting so much time trialing what works and what doesn't work, why not Plan in the beginning? What are your hopes and How would you like to get to your destinations, given the limited resources on hand? 

  2. R eputation Management: 
    If you have a brand (something that your customers identify you with), it is easier to manage the business reputation overall. For example, do you want to be known as better than your competitors in the area of customer service or better look and feel or better pricing or all of them?

  3. O bjective Consistency: 
    Once your brand name is established, it will be easier to keep branding objective consistent throughout your website, marketing materials, face to face contact with potential customers or networking events. The consistency creates a sense of reliability and trustworthiness.

  4. M arketing Clarity: 
    This is where you can safe time and money instead of changing business names and stationery supplies constantly. If the brand name and reputation to be kept consistent is clear, the marketing collateral is also clear, as you only have to match the themes all the way.

  5. O pportunity Exploration: 
    A strong brand name allows you to explore other market opportunity, which you wouldn't have the chance otherwise. Because of the sense of established reputation, reliability and trustworthiness, customers from other market segments will be willing to try your original brand.

  6. P ersonality in Brand: 
    To establish a stronger connection with your customers in different market segments, you will need to create a personality for your brand. This is also to make it easier to design marketing materials to match your business brand personality, such as Healthy Lifestyle, Luxury.

  7. O riginal Brand: 
    The original brand allows other brand names (closely associated with the original brand's personality) to be developed side by side. Together, the original brand complements the other sister brands. Examples: Natural Vitamins (originally) + Natural Organic Products (sister brand).

  8. W ith Seal of Approval:
    Developing style guides is also important to create a sense of Approval from customers as they can associate certain fonts, sets of colours, logo, motto / slogan, images, words, songs etc with the brand personality. This is why Promo Products can help with tangibility (engage the 5 senses together).

  9. E xpectations Resizing: 
    All small business owners should take brand building as an important part of the whole journey. Why? Because without a meaningful brand name, you can expect to Resize your Revenue Expectations due to fierce competitions in the market without back-up plans - a losing battle.

  10. R ebranding Option:
    Promotional Products are the most preferred solution to 3D visuality, physicality and tangibility if you need to re-brand (to off set printed materials such as brochures, posters, fliers). The cost per impression for Promo Product is lower than other forms of printed advertising materials.