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About Us

Our Vision

M & M Professionals strives to be recognised as the ethical preferred supplier of Memorable Promotional Products for good causes within the communities that we serve. As part of Business growth strategy, Promotional Merchandise have been proven to be the most powerful way of advertising your business. From Mail Drop Campaign, New Product Launch, Marketing Events, Online Shopping Customer Incentives, Corporate Gifts, to Fund Raising, Promotional Products are the most efficient and cost effective way to remind your customers / target audience about your brands, products and services. M & M Professionals supplies high quality Promotional Products with FREE delivery Australia wide.

Our Goal

M & M Professional's goal is to save you time and to reduce the inconvenience of having have to contact separate companies for your Marketing and/or Promotional Products. With our one stop online shop, we will have you indulged for choices with thousands of Promotional Products or plenty of mini Catalogues to choose from. 

  • Warehouses in Australia's Capital Cities, in New Zealand, Auckland and Dunedin, sourcing products from sustainable manufacturers
  • Exclusive Custom Design on certain items (by ProDezign™ ) and new innovative ideas for communicating your products/services to target markets
  • No lock-in contracts, which means you, the customers, are in control. No hidden fees
  • Lower prices than promotional product companies that offer on-line ordering system as we grow our website traffic organically.
    (no excessive advertising fees to cover for bigger business overhead)
  • Packaged offers to benefit all sorts of budgets, from as little as $0.33 cents per unit
  • Flexibility to use Christmas credits to purchase Christmas Gifts (discounted rate) as a result of your annual purchases of promotional products
  • 15 Categories of Eco-Friendly merchandise. Even some of our parcels deliveries are being carried out on electric cars to help reduce emission from toxic gas pollution
  • Lots of colour choices, sorts and filters, mix and match options, best value for money. User Friendly Website

Our Mission

M & M Professionals mission is to spread awareness to 22,000 new readers worldwide per year about the importance of Eco Sustainable Promo Products when planning any marketing activities in their calendar. M & M Professionals mission is also to develop, expand and nurture our business relationships 360 degrees with customers, suppliers, communities and wider stake holder audience. We strive to drive business towards woman-owned, minority-owned and other culturally diverse businesses. Through our environmental and social stewardship, we look for the right people and partners to best meet our needs and perpetuate our mission. Whenever possible we work to grow local relationships as well as global relationships. By increasing our diverse suppliers and partners, we build a broader insight into Eco Sustainability. 

Our Values

At M & M Professionals, we treat people with respect as we work together, value honesty and integrity and approach-ability, give benefits and values for money to our community and customers worldwide.

Who We Are

M & M Professionals is a creative designer of Special Themes and Purposes Promotional Products company with extensive history of customers satisfaction for improved targeted results of Specific Marketing Campaigns. M & M Professionals is a Brand Awareness Leader in Promotional Products.

M & M Professionals (established 2008) is one of TAG Preferred Suppliers to Universities throughout Australia, as we are an Endorsed Supplier of Tertiary Access Group (TAG). M & M Professionals is also a member of the Chamber of Commerce Industry Queensland.

Our Business is Promoting your Business thru a range of quality Merchandise and Marketing services. M & M Professionals is also the largest distributor of Karma Kups (Reusable Coffee Cups) in Australia and New Zealand. Follow the stories in our BLOG to see how we take part in the War Against Waste. If you can't find a promotional product on our Website that your like, ProDezign can custom design your merchandise for product launch, online businesses' exclusive product ranges available only from you, special marketing / promotion campaign etc. 

For further information about the benefits of using Promotional Products (for Small Businesses, Not-for Profit Organisations, Large Businesses) click below.

Add On Benefits of Purchasing Branded Merchandise from M & M Professionals

We all learn during COVID lock down different ways on how to survive the rough Business landscape and how to live with uncertainty in general. One way to better prepare your business against this sort of economy and financial challenges, is to improve your digital presence. If you own or operate On-Line Businesses, Service Providers and purchase Promotional Products from M & M Professionals, we will refer you to get a FREE 15 minutes no obligation insight guides from our Digital Strategy Consultant, Emmanuel, who can analyse how your website is doing currently and how to improve in 3 areas:

  • Increase traffic to your site
  • Boost your sales conversion through search engine optimization or strategy diversification
  • Cost effective targeted E-marketing campaign

If you are interested in this special limited-time offer, please contact us at 1300-665-256

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